What to wear today?

In this learning activity you will learn about useful language related to clothing items, colors and some adjectives that are used for describing people.

Introductory Material

Dear learner

This material will help you study the topics related to learning activity what to wear today

you will learn about
  1. Clothing and outfits.
  2. Colors.
  3. Physical descriptions and adjectives.
Let's begin!

1. Clothing and outfits

A. Read the descriptions by richard and nicole.
  1. Richard :The mannequin wears a brown cap, a red t-shirt,blue jeans and brown shoes.

  2. Nicole:The mannequin wears a grey t-shirt, blue jeans, and a blue scarf.

B. To describe outfits you will need to know the names of the clothing itmes and some colors and adjectives.
Read the following materials to learn about the most common ones.